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The Kanab Clinic is made up of the Clinical Director, Dr. Ana Rita Andrade and her medical consultants, national and international, specialized in different medical areas and constantly adapting to all scientific and clinical developments, which continuously invests in training.

Kanab Clinic has as its Clinical Director Dr. Ana Rita Andrade, MD of General and Family Medicine, graduated and Master in Medicine from Nova Medical School - Faculty of Medical Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NMS|FCM - UNL), post- graduated in Continuous Care and Palliative Care from the CRIAP Porto Institute.  

Dr. Andrade has developed work and knowledge with cannabis plant-based therapies and her mission is to establish a solid relationship with its users, based on trust and proximity, ensuring that they are provided an excellent service, focusing on the specific needs and conditions of each patient.

In order for consultations to be carried out in a multidisciplinary way, clinical cases are discussed with the consultants' doctors from the various specialties.

Dr. Ana Rita Andrade

Dra. Ana Rita Andrade
Clinical Director of Kanab Clinic

- General and Family Medicine

- Qualified and certified training in cannabinoid treatments, by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and The Medical Cannabis Institute - TMCI Global

- Degree and Master in Medicine from Nova Medical School (NMS | FCM - UNL)

- Postgraduate in Continuing and Palliative Care

Doctors and Medical Consultants specializing in:


Pain Medicine

Internal Medicine








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