What distinguishes us?

We are pioneers in digital health education with the creation of a completely digital clinic and knowledge and training in medical cannabis.

We have the support of doctors and medical consultants from different national and international specialties, with extensive clinical experience, thus forming a specialized, holistic, multidisciplinary medical team, spread across Portugal and the world.

Kanab Clinic is also a pioneer in medical advice with cannabinoids in Portugal. Patients are accompanied by Dr. Ana Rita Andrade, with specific training in the treatment and monitoring of users using cannabinoids.

Cannabis Sativa L has therapeutic properties that have been studied over time. Currently, there are numerous studies that evaluate the effectiveness of cannabinoids, such as CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), as well as other cannabinoids that can improve numerous symptoms and / or pathologies.

Specifically, results have been observed in difficult to control diseases, such as refractory epilepsies, chronic pain and neuropathic pain, stiffness and spasticity caused by neurological diseases and side effects of pharmacological treatments, such as vomiting or nausea, secondary to chemotherapy.


Of the specific training of Dra. Ana Rita Andrade, the following stand out:

  • Degree and Master in Medicine from Nova Medical School (NMS | FCM - UNL);
  • Postgraduate in Continuing and Palliative Care;
  • Qualified and certified training in cannabinoid treatments, by the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and The Medical Cannabis Institute - TMCI Global;
  • Associate member of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines;
  • Participated in the debate of the Assembly of the Republic on "Medicinal Cannabis" in 2018;
  • Participated as a lecturer in the Debate of the Lisbon Medical Association "Cannabis Medicinal: risks and benefits" in 2018;
  • Conducted the course "Cannabinoids and Neuropathic Pain" through Continuing Medical Education School Of Medicine University of California San Francisco, California - 2019;
  • Participated in the conference "Lisboa Medical Cannabis 2018";
  • Participated as a speaker at the seminar "Medical Applications of Cannabis" at the Escola Superior de Saúde Dr. Lopes Dias do Instituto Politécnico of Castelo Branco in 2018;
  • Participated as a speaker on the topic "Cannabinoid treatment" at "Jornadas Científicas 2018" of Centro Universitário de Ciências da Saúde - CESPU;
  • Participated in the "Portugal Medical Cannabis 2019" congress;
  • Participated in the webinar organized by the Portuguese Association for the Study of Pain - Associação Portuguesa para o Estudo da Dor (APED) in 2020 - "Medicinal Cannabis in the Treatment of Chronic Pain - Future perspectives for use in Portugal", November 24, 2020;
  • Participated in the webinar organized by the Portuguese League Against Rheumatic Diseases - Liga Portuguesa contra as Doenças Reumáticas - “23rd Forum of Support to Rheumatic Patients New Challenges Chronic Pain and Medicinal Cannabis”, November 26, 2020;

Our mission is to establish a solid relationship with our users, based on trust and proximity, ensuring that they are provided with an excellent service, seeking recognition for quality, rigor and honesty.

The consultation presupposes the accomplishment of a complete, holistic and multidisciplinary clinical evaluation, constituted by an evaluation of the user's personal and family history, risk factors and evaluation of the current and previous clinical situation. When necessary, clinical cases are discussed with medical consultants from different specialties.

Dr. Ana Rita Andrade, in addition to a FGM doctor, is prepared to provide the latest pre-clinical and clinical information on cannabinoid treatments, risks and benefits in the use of cannabinoids, as well as to maintain a multidisciplinary medical monitoring of clinical evolution the conditions that require the preparation of substances and substances based on the cannabis plant, according to the indications of Infarmed.

All clinicians registered with the Kanab Clinic are registered with the Portuguese Medical Association and the Portuguese Health Regulatory Authority.

Whenever a doctor at the Kanab Clinic diagnoses the need for urgent face-to-face medical intervention, which requires the patient to be observed in person, or when clinical examinations are necessary, the patient will immediately receive indications for this purpose from the doctor. that is serving you.

The first step in your treatment will be to schedule an appointment.